O3 PURE Multi-Purpose Fruit Vegetable Washer and Ozone Generator

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For years we have been told that fruits and vegetables are good for us as they provide nutrients and vitamins necessary for our bodies. As a society we have washed our fruits and vegetables with the chlorinated water that comes from our faucets believing we are protecting our families from pesticides and chemicals. Studies have show though that chlorine is limited in its ability to clean vegetable surfaces.
The Portable O3 PURE Fruit Vegetable Washer and Ozone Generator utilizes the proven technology of O3 (ozone) bubbles to wash contaminants from the surface of the food. It's an organic & reliable solution to clean both air & water. The unit sets up in minutes on a wall, table, floor, or counter top and has a scratch resistant base. It's perfect for home or office use. Our GN 500 is highly portable and can be used in both the kitchen or bathroom. Bathroom applications include foot detox baths as well as relaxation therapy.

Although engineered for use in ozonating light liquids, the GN 500 is not designed to ozonate olive oil. Regardless of competing product claims, machines like these cannot fully ozonate oils and the pump life will be greatly reduced. Because of this, we offer our  O3 PURE Ozonated Olive Oil  which takes over three weeks to produce on commercial equipment.

The GN 500 comes with a an adjustable timer, full function remote, two sets of tubes and two stone diffusers. The multipurpose features of the O3-PURE Fruit Vegetable Washer and Ozone Generator make the unit a great appliance for every household. Our washer is slightly more expensive than other models, but has an upgraded ozone generator for greater product life, comes with a remote and is more durable than any other competitor on the market today.
Ozone is Natural

Ozone is a naturally occurring trace element in the atmosphere and is produced during lightning storms (high voltage passing through the air). When a molecule of oxygen is bound via oxidation to a third oxygen atom, it becomes ozone. The O3 PURE Fruit & Vegetable Washer utilizes this same principal to produce ozone, but in a safe controlled environment.

Safety Assurance for use with food
FDA-Ozone Regulatory Status
FDA/CFSAN- June 26, 2001
“The FDA amends the food additive regulations to provide for the safe use of ozone in gaseous and aqueous phase an anti-microbial agent on food, including meat and poultry.”
Final Rule published in Federal Register (21 CFR Part 173, Docket No. OOF-1482)

Examples of Air Treatment:

  • Removes smoke odors
  • Attacks dust and pollen
  • Removes mold & mildew odor
  • Eliminates food odors

Examples of Water Treatment:

  • Restores flavor & taste to food
  • Preserves freshness
  • Extends food life 
  • Removes foul smells
  • Cleans toothbrushes
  • Perform detox baths

Product Dimensions: 2.36 x 6.46 x 9.45 inches
Weight: 35.27 ounces
Power: 110V/60Hz, 18W

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